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    Being successful at achieving and maintaining a healthy weight means moving to a focus on well-being from an obsession with weight loss.

    This is only possible if you stop thinking with your Diet Head and let go of damaging thoughts and actions.

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Meet the Woman Behind WISE

A WISE Insight

  • From Sandy on figuring out her diet patterns

    I realized that when there was some sort of event / deadline for losing weight (wedding, vacation, etc.), I would go on some crazy diet and become completely obsessed (and...


My WISE Experience

  • Emotional FAT

    It’s our emotional FAT (feelings, actions and thoughts) that matter. I had no clue how my past was related to my inability to lose weight.  I was sure that if I just found the...


Follow the WISE Women

  • What is the source of the pain we numb & avoid with food?

    Even before we’re born, we are part of a complex, ever-changing organism: our family. Either through their presence or absence, they play a significant role in who we are and how...